Being lived in the cream show case at the left corner of drawing-room for over a decade between uncountable cups and medals, Gaurav and Chotu also lived there.

Unlike other days, when Gaurav was full of life and shining high, Gaurav was looking extremely sad today. He was not shining any more. Seeing Gaurav sad and low, Chotu questioned, what happened bhaiya, why are you sad .What happened. ? Nothing Chotu, it’s just that I feel that since years I am guarding you all. I love you all but now I feel that I should leave this job. You all are grownups now and can take care of yourselves now. I want to live with peace.

Why are you saying all this bhaiya, questioned Chotu worriedly?

 “You remember Chotu, you came exactly one month after I came here. “HE” bought me here, he bought you here and he was the only one who bought all of us here by participating in various cycling  tournaments and also winning them too. “HE” was a talented yet loving, caring, affectionate and modest person. Her wife was so lucky to have him. But his talent was not appreciated by anyone here. All are heartless here. I feel so lonely now. Since the day “HE” left us and this world, I am unable to adjust myself here in this suffocating place. All are so mean. Moreover, they neither cared for him nor his talent due to which we all are here. He was the only person who used to open this showcase, clean all of us with utmost love and them used to talk to us for hours. Now when he has left this world, what would I do here. I feel so useless here.  Nobody here in this house knows our true value. For them we all are just a waste material eating space. Replied Gaurav with heavy heart tears rolling down his eyes.

Another moment, a kid 5 years old named Sonia enters the room, opens the showcase to take out her baby doll for playing and just when she was about to take out the doll, the doll’s leg touched Gaurav and it fell down and broke into pieces.

Hearing the voice, Rashi came into the room and queried Sonia the reason for crying. She pointed her finger towards the showcase and the broken glass cup.

Rashi held Sonia into her arms and said, don’t worry baby, it is good that it broke. This cup was of no use rather occupying space in the showcase. Well it’s good, a little waste got eliminated.

Chotu heard Rashi’s words. He felt bad but rather than crying, he smiled and waved a bye to Gaurav as he was happy that his soul was finally out of this cage and is free now.

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