The girl without father.

Who wants to live without their parents? Who wants to spend their life without his or her family?  Nobody wants, but we have to accept what destiny plans for us?

Only the person who has lost his or her close family member knows the pain of losing them. How it feels to be without them. Since the day you opened your eyes to this world, you have found them near you, no matter whatever the situation is and then suddenly one day they leave us all alone in this cruel world. 

But certain hypocrite people take this situation of somebody as an opportunity to showcase their talent of good speaking skills. They start an extempore as if they were given a topic “sympathy”.

 Without wasting fraction of second they start the melodrama and start sympathizing without even knowing that their words are tearing someone’s heart.

Showing sympathy is not wrong but when one rather than showing sympathy make it a stage to showcase their talent of speaking, that is wrong.

There is an old saying, “think before you speak”. People should keep these lines in mind before delivering shit from their mouth.

They should think of its aftereffects it will have on the person who has lost his or her dear one.

 Whenever you encounter such situations, don’t hesitate and tell those dramatic and stupid creatures that,” please first go and die. And then I will ask your kids how they feels without you.”  And then watch their reaction.

Trust me that would  be the first and last time. After that they will never mess with you. And will think a thousand times before speaking anything at least in front of you because you gave them a powerful doze. 

Why don’t people try to understand? Is this the question to ask that how are you feeling without your  parents?

This is the problem of not one person. In fact it is the problem of whole society. They do not try to understand the painful and heartbreaking  phase they are going through.

So, from now on-wards when anybody encounters a similar situation, keep patience and have manners and do not ask such stupid questions which can hurt somebody when already they are facing an extremely bad phase of their life. This will not only help that person recover  but  will also increase your respect in the eyes of that person.  

PS :-  There are many people who have lost their parents and have faced this kind of situation . So, understand the need of the situation and please keep your mouth shut and earn respect for yourself rather than reducing respect from somebody’s eyes.

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