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I will never forget the amount of hurt you gave. You ripped my heart into million pieces; after which I will never be the same. It took me months to get over you. Or, I am still not over you. I still feel those memories which we both shared, the moments we laughed together, fought together and everything we did together. I spent my days thinking about you and nights crying over the broken relationship. I ran down to people and friends asking me my mistake. Where was I wrong? Wasn’t my love enough pure to make you stay for a lifetime? You were more than a heartbreak.

However, after months as I write this, I feel that you were not wrong to leave. Every person in this universe has to leave. What mattered more is that your departure brought me a change. As I try to forgive you and allow myself to heal, I come to know that you were not wrong. No matter how much you love someone, they will still leave. Just like leaves fall from tree branches in the fall season with whom they have stayed the longest time, people also leave.

But thank you, dear. Thank you for everything. Thank you for leaving and providing me some valuable lessons. Thank you for helping me discover the new me. Thank you for allowing me to see life through a whole new perspective. Thank you for letting me know that hurt is a part of love and expecting someone to stay is wrong and is not appreciable in a relationship. Thank you for playing your role in my life and leaving with a bunch of lessons for me to learn. Thank you for those wounds.

I know its difficult to get over you but more than the pain of losing you, I am happy for finding my new self. And I thank the Lord for sending you to me at the right time for no one can be the best teacher to explain life to me more than you. You played your part very well. Thank you for everything. You were the best teacher who taught the best lesson of life. Thank you for helping me discover myself. Thank you for gifting me the new ME.

As I look inside myself, I feel that the hurt was much needed for me the way chemotherapy is needed to cure cancer. I now feel much happier, lighter and most important; I fell Myself.

Thank you for leaving.

Afterall, as RUMI says-

the wound is the place where the light enters you“.


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