Being a (self-acclaimed)writer I have my own ways of living which are not acceptable to many. (Please read almost everybody). They call me crazy when I say that I love books and I have books worth RS.10,000/- in my Amazon cart.

One day while going for some work, my uncle said that I should stop wasting my time and money in all this stuff and should open tuition class as it will improve my English and I will also be updated to the current syllabus of various schools. Although I discovered the fact that I am more of high-quality sarcasm which not everyone can understand and less of all other things but that specific moment I added an ISI seal to my dilemma that I got this level of sarcasm from my family. My family is genius. See, sarcasm is in my DNA.

Okay, no more laughing, please. Excess of everything is dangerous. Please focus.

So, this year is ending and people are excited to welcome the coming year with more zeal and enthusiasm. Obviously, it’s celebration time. And as a blogger (self-acclaimed) it will be unfair if I do not update my blog with new year resolutions. Because this is what every other website is flooded with. And it’s my moral duty to add one trash post to my blog which no one is going to read. Not even once. !

But what should be my resolutions? What should I resolve? For whom and why? Please don’t get shocked when I say that unlike other normal human beings I decided to break the rules. I am not taking any resolutions. Yes, not even a single.

I wonder how easily people resolve certain things which they are not sure that they can hold it until the end. Starting off something just because everyone is doing and then leaving midway is more hurting. If you are not sure of yourself that whether you can make it till finishing line, then do not start. Let them rest where they are.

And hence, I am not taking any resolutions for the coming year. Not because I can’t make it until the end. but as I say that I am not normal and my mind and thoughts work in opposite direction.

For me, every day is a new day and I try to make it productive and self-satisfactory in order to provide my soul the peace it deserves.

However, I have seen so many endings that I have started to feel comfortable with them. I have started to look for the beauty in endings. After all, the end is the real truth of life and not beginning. Endings make us wiser. And help us in moving forward towards new opportunities of life with more wisdom and hope.

Therefore, dear 2017, thank you for giving me my equal share of positives and negatives. Thank you for helping me in moving forward. Thank you for teaching me lessons which I was never ready to learn. Thank you for everything.

And as I step forward into another year, I hope that I keep these lessons intact and use them wisely whenever needed in order to make 2018 more fantastic.

Thank you 2017.

Dear 2018, let’s start another affair.

After all, no matter how much we fight but I still love you. !!!

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