It feels great to be at home. Staying home the whole day wearing PJs, making food, cleaning home, doing laundry, dishes, reading, writing and sleeping. and Repeat. This is what we all have ever demanded. Ever since we’ve started working, we all have been so busy with our schedules that we never got time for ourselves and hence we used to complain if we ever missed out on something in our life.

But today, when we are in the middle of this deadly coronavirus and this Quarantine period has forced us to stay back; when the government is taking care of us and we have no fear of being kicked out of our jobs and leaves running out; we all don’t want to stay back. We want to go out. We want to enjoy. We want to have a walk etc. We feel caged in our own homes despite the number of members present. This is just the beginning as we have no slightest idea for how long this will last and we all have started to feel useless and have no idea of what to do with our lives.

As I sit and scroll my Instagram feed, I see people clicking pictures of themselves, their family, kids, pets, and sharing their workout ideas and recipes. Some are even asking to feel thankful and grateful. SERIOUSLY.!!! GRATITUDE. All through my life, I have been one hell of a moody weird girl who answers less and questions more and holds a different idea of life as compared to the world. I am someone who makes my own rules and lives life accordingly giving zero shits to people who disapprove of my living style. So when I see people doing these things I baffle. I don’t know how to respond. Okay. For a second I can feel happy that they are celebrating and making full use of this time but the other second I feel sorry for them. You know why? Because they are doing this to kill time and not because they genuinely want to feel the presence of their loved ones.

Is this what we want from our life? Obviously, there is no harm in celebrating life and one should definitely celebrate for we only live once. But we are celebrating just because we are caged in our homes? How many of you felt grateful for the life you are living right now and celebrated togetherness when we were living our normal lives? Why are we compelled to tell people that we made through this day? Why are we counting days? We definitely want this quarantine period to end and want our normal life back but definitely not this way.

A lot of you people won’t be agreeing to this view of mine but please hold on. Take a deep breath and introspect. What if I say that this quarantine period is teaching you to value people you have in your life. You are lucky enough to take pictures, sit and talk with them over a cup of tea for hours, can inhale the fresh air and can hear birds humming all over. Not everyone is lucky. There are people who don’t have their closed ones with them.

Everything happens for a reason. And I strongly feel that this period is the period of introspection. Maybe some people will learn the act of being in love with their loved ones and will come closer and make inseparable bonds and will continue to celebrate their life and will share pictures even after we get through this period. And on the other hand, some will still share pictures on how to be grateful during this tough time and will fade as this gets over. I am not judging anyone as I am not the right person and I do not hold any authority to judge anyone.

Anyways, I will continue to sit on my bed in my shorts taking pride in my non – waxed body, open non- combed messy hairs, dirty specs and scroll every single application on my phone and write my experiences here and will make a list of all those who are going to be offended with my words. Because I am loving this period. This is what I always wanted. Getting paid without doing any work.No office means no waking up early. Yayyyy…!!!

But Oh Good Lord, please save us from this coronavirus as I am yet to travel the world and make my dreams come true.

Stay home, stay safe.

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