Children are a paramount of family and they needs right parenting. Right parenting helps them in building a good attitude, personality and a good human being.

Parenting if not done in a right way then it can have adverse effects on children and the bond between parents and children will become fragile.

Rather than giving long lecture advises, parents need to go offbeat. Rather than behaving as an elder to your child, try to become a friend to your child.

Lets us understand this with example

However, the truth is not so cool. Before making any decision, let us explore the other side of this story.

The relation between her mother and her are not like others. They are worst. Amaya does not want to talk to her mother. Unimaginable.!

How could a girl live without talking to her mother? When I enquired, Amaya said, I tried a lot impressing , understanding & living up to her expectations but every time she finds some or the other reason to demoralize me and insult me in front of family members. How could she do this? Does it feel good to insult your own child in front of everybody?

Amaya’s answer left me aghast. I could not believe my ears. How could a mother be so cruel to her own child whom she carried 9 months in her womb?

  • Continued Case two Namrata, a 20-year-old girl lives in a nuclear family with her mother, father and her younger sister. When asked about her bond with her family, she answered, “I share a very special bond with my parents. They both are my life. Actually not life, they are my oxygen due to which I am surviving. We share everything. We have shared best things and we have shared worst things. We talk about everything. I feel comfortable with my parents and not anyone else. We can sit back and talk for hours without getting tired and still time become less for our chats. Many a times my friends say that I am lucky to have such loving and understanding parents. I smile and say, yes, I am lucky”.

Therefore, the above two cases are two different examples. Case 1 is definitely not called buddy parenting. However, case two is called buddy parenting.

Becoming a parent does not mean that they know everything and can force all their decisions on children. Parents need to understand their children, their wishes and desires.

Try to listen to your children. Make out some time from your schedule and spend some time with them. Through this you will come to know them better. Their likes, dislikes, hobbies, demands etc. And it becomes more important when children are entering into his/her teenage. This is the most sensitive time period of a children.

At this time, try to be your child’s best friend and not a parent. Do not force your decisions on your child. This will have adverse effects on your relation with your child and can result into risky situations.

My mother is a perfect example of buddy parenting. After I lost my father, she is playing both the role of mother and father. However, my father’s nature was similar to my mother. My parents were not parents actually, they were my buddies. Still are and will stay until my last breath.

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