Last night I had a conversation with my old friend who is working in an MNC in Mumbai. She sounded too low. When I asked the reason, she told that it’s only a year she got a good job and settled, her mom wants her to get married. But she doesn’t want to marry now. She narrated the whole incident and ended up saying that her mom is not understanding at all like my mother. She do not care for her daughter’s dreams etc. I tried to make her understand need of situation and explained her that if she doesn’t want to marry, rather than end up fighting and turning off everybody’s mood, it’s better to make her understand the condition. After all, child’s happiness is on top priority of every parent.

After she hung up, I recalled the part of our conversation where she said that “her mother is not understanding as mine mother”. Is this really true? Do really Nisha’s mother do not care for her wishes, her dreams? Or it is that my mother care for me more than other parents care for their children?
The answer is “No”.

Every parent whether mother or father equally care for their child’s well being, their happiness, their dreams, their wishes. As far as my relation with my mother is considered, yes it is a very special relation. Not because my mom agree with me in whatever I say but because she knows that I will never say wrong. She trusts me blindly today because I have given her the reason to trust me blindly.

In today’s scenario, Nisha is not the only one who is facing this type of situation. There are many other children who are facing similar situation. Many children thinks that their parents do not care for them, do not love them and make many more false assumptions in their mind.

Friends, . We all belong to this world. It’s just that we need to see our relation through a different point of view.

This one is for all parents facing similar situation as Nisha and her mother, spare some time from your busy schedule and sit back and talk with your child for an hour or two. While talking, you will come to know about your child’s friends’, about your child’s company, from what background your child’s friends come from? Try to ask their problems and solve them. Take them to a dinner on a weekend. This will freshen up everybody’s mood and you will get more time to know your child.

Teenage is a very sensitive age , this is the age when children are most burdened, on one side they have to make their career and side by side due to hormonal changes they are distracted by other things also. If once the child started to move on the wrong path then it will become almost impossible to bring your child back. Then you will say that your child is not the same as old one, he/she has changed. She/he gives her friends more importance than parents, back answer to you, do not obey you and this will make way to continuous scolding where you will find every deed of your child wrong. A small mistake of your child will hurt you more than anything.

These type of situations bridge a gap between parents and children. This is the turning point of life when children stop sharing their life with parents and they start losing interest in family.
As time passes by, this gap rather than decreasing, increases more and more between children and parents. And whenever parents come across a situation where they see children happy with their parents, their eyes fill up with tears remembering their own relation. And vice versa happens with children too. Then comes a time when people give example of other children saying that they share a good and fantastic bond.

To sum up with,
I would request all parents to spare some time from their busy schedule and sit back and talk with your children so as to avoid “YOUR” future pain. And you too can also come up with a fantastic relation with your children.
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