This Christmas when people made merry, got dressed and partied with their family and friends; I, on the other hand, was snuggled inside my bed, slept till 12 in the noon. After I woke up, I drank my favorite cup of tea, had lunch, read a book and slept again in my messy bed with things , books, clothes all around. The whole day was spent being lazy. Yet I do not regret. Because I felt easy, happy and most importantly, I felt myself. After ages, I felt this way. A feeling so heavenly.

In the evening I walked up to the terrace in my pajamas, messy hair, my billi wala chashma as everyone calls it, clicked pictures of beautiful sunset when the sun rays played with waves of water making a breathtaking view. Additionally, I watered my plants which I planted few weeks back and rosebuds have started to bloom into a beautiful flower.

However, what caught my attention was this dead flower. The petals were broken and were all around the vase. I don’t know why that dead flower caught so much of my attention. But looking at that dead bud gave me so much peace. I felt as if this is the only feeling which I longed for, this is the only feeling which made me felt complete, this is the only feeling which gave me a feeling of contentment which I longed for. And why not, after all, endings are the ultimate truth. And endings are necessary for a beautiful beginning in every way.

And hence, I could not stop myself from taking a picture which makes me feel complete in all ways. And will always be an inspiration and my guiding light in the times of darkness whenever I feel lost, depressed and everything else. Also, it will remind me to be hopeful,  feel happy and heal myself for all the beautiful things that are going to happen in future despite a broken present.!!!

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