Meet the famous, amazing, fantastic and intelligent Privy Trifles Aka Namrata.My mentor and a good friend. She is known by her writing skills. An editor to several publishing houses, an online magazine and queen of her blog.  A romance lover who loves to romance with her words. Lets check out some more facts about her…!!!

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buy dapoxetine cheap Q1. Describe Namrata in 5 words.

image source Ans. Curious. Dreamer. Enigmatic. Obnoxious. Romantic.

buy Lyrica online canada Q2. Why the name privy Trifles? Does Namrata and Privy trifles differ in any way?

Ans. Privy Trifles was the name of a diary I had written in my teens and somehow it stuck with me for it means private things of little importance. I believe life is full of such things and hence the name.

Yes, they are very different because Privy Trifles exists in a world of her own unlike Namrata.

( waah, kya idea hai 😛 😛 ) 

Q3. You own a blog, an editor to several publishing houses, editor of an online magazine, and have contributed too many anthologies. How does it feel? And how do you manage to do all this?

Ans. I would be lying if I say I don’t feel good about it. It surely does feel good but to be honest it was never planned. When I started I wrote only for the love of writing and that is what I do even now. Some wonderful friends encouraged me to participate in contests and that is how I got published. Rest all happened because of my desire to learn everything that I can about writing. Every aspect, every detail, every minutest possible work that goes behind a book. So I have learnt beta reading, MS reviewing apart from book reviews, writing blurbs, press releases, marketing analysis of a book, how important is titling of a book, the costing of a book, sales & distribution etc and still there is a lot to be learnt.

I have always believed if you love something you always manage to find time for it. Like I love saying even Albert Einstein had 24 hours. But he still managed to do all that he did. So can we, it’s just a matter of pure passion and dedication towards it.  What the world calls madness is passion according to me and that passion is what makes me do all this and will make me do in future also.

( seekho dunioya waalo, kuch seekh lo inse 😛 aaj mauka hai phir nahi milega 😛 😛 )

Q3.Describe your blog(s)? What type of posts it has?

Ans. Both my blogs are like my alter egos. One is all pretty, joyous, colorful and dreamy which has poems and short stories on relationships, love and life. While the other is a bit more serious one which is more of a review blog but also has my rants on anything and everything under the sun with my love for photography. I have both the sides in me, one who is eternal believer while the other side is someone who looks at the world with doubt filled eyes.

( blog toh meri bhi jaan hai :), chalo chocolate do mujhe 😛  )

Q5. “METRO DIARIES” is about what?

Ans. Metro Diaries is basically a segment on my blog, something that is very special to me for I just love the stories I have managed to write in them. It helped me look at the world around me more intricately.

Metro Diaries is about love, laughter and life – to say it in short. It is about those beautiful things in life which at times make things very complex while actually they are very simple for it is all about choices.

Q6. Why “METRO DIARIES”. You could have chosen other title also?

Ans. I used to have a job that needed me to travel a lot. And Mumbai as a city is my first love forever. So the name metro diaries for I wanted to give it a feel that it could happen to anyone – you, me or that person standing behind you who is the boy in the story. The fact that each one of them is a true story is what makes it all the more special.

And yes, no other title would have added that Midas touch to it as Metro Diaries gives it a mysterious feel. The reader would definitely want to know what I am going to be talking about in the book.

( hayee, mumbai, yeh toh pehla pyaar hai mera, pta nahi kyu, par bas pagal hun mumbai ke liye. chalo bhaag chale 🙂 ) 

Q7. Why readers should buy your book?

Ans. You should buy the book if you believe / don’t’ believe in love.

If you believe the stories will make you smile and love a bit more.

If you don’t then the stories will make you believe in it. Well, if not completely maybe just make you think about love for a moment. And for me that one moment is victory in itself.

( waah, kya thought maara hai 😛 ) 

Q8. What are your views on “sponsored views”?

Ans. I am not a huge fan of sponsored views / reviews. I have never done that as a reviewer neither asked someone to do that for me as an author. I believe views should be unbiased, unaffected by any factors and as real as they can be.
Q9. Are you planning to come up with a new novel in coming years? If yes, then what genre probably?

Ans. Oh yes I am currently working on one. It is a love story (that was pretty obvious). Though drama is my favourite genre and my next MS is on that but I owe this love story to few people in my life and so this will be my first full length novel of sorts.

And if you ask me why then I have the answer here: I remember telling one of my reader turned friend that I am working on a murder mystery and her immediate reaction was NO ways!! Please. I want only a love story from you.

( waise i do not like romance par aap likhoge toh pakka m gonna buy, tussi to great ho  🙂 

Q10. Everyone has at least one favorite blog post. Name yours and Why?

Ans. It would be unfair to select one favorite blog post from my blog as for me both my blogs are like my kids – my first-born and my second born and I cannot choose between them.

But I do have a list of posts that make me feel immensely proud of having written them. So much that at times when I read them I need to remind myself that the author of these posts is me!

They can be read by you here :

Q11. If someone is interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?  

Ans. Firstly I would like to hug that person and congratulate for wanting to blog. It is a wonderful journey of self-discovery more than anything else and it needs to be commended upon.

Read is the biggest thing I can ever suggest to anyone. There is nothing like a bad read. Every read teaches you something. Some good things some bad. But as long as you read, you keep learning and that is very important.

Q12. Tips you would like to give to aspiring writers?

Ans. Never stop dreaming because someone else doesn’t believe in your dreams. They are yours to be fulfilled not theirs. They will see them once they come true. As of now, just work upon realizing them.
Q13. Write a 100 word drabble using the following word- Nature & Life.

Ans. One of the biggest lessons of life has to be nature. God made nature so beautiful, tender and adaptive expecting us to look at it and learn. We need to remember we are beautiful creations of God, tender at heart so as to not hurt anyone around us and be adaptive to let life take its course and lead us to where we belong.Everything from the sunrise to the sunset, nature teaches you about life. Chirping of birds, blooming of flowers and the twinkling of stars teach the art of survival,of how to live life to the fullest.


1. Reading to You is Breathing

2. Writing to you is My  life

3. What would you prioritize? Content, Traffic or readers – Content any day.

4. Your thinking spot– Under the open sky anywhere. The sky is my muse.

( khule aasmaan ke neeche dekho idea mila mujhe 😛 😀 ) 

5. Your dumbest purchase till date– I might sound weird but I am a very calculative buyer, never an impulsive one. So nothing that comes to my mind.

( aa  chikri toh pakka gujrati che re 😛 😀 )

6. Five things which you always carry in your purse Diary, pen, Mobile phone, chewing gums and my wallet.

7. Date of First blog post- 8th march 2011

8. Suppose if for one day, you could borrow a genius brain, whose brain you would like to borrow– J K Rowling. Potterhead forever sigh

9. Your blogging style- Simple and straight from the heart.

10. Are you a day/night writer– Night Owl ( oouuuulllllll 😀 ) 

11. Most expensive thing you’ve got till date– A dress I recently brought for my brother’s wedding. ( bhai ki shaadi me kuch bhi pehen leti, apni shaadi me kharidna tha na mehangi dress 😛 )

12. If given a chance to invent, what would you like to invent- A device that can write down all the thoughts that keep running in my mind throughout the day. I am sure all writers of the world would bless me.

13. Favorite genre and writer- Drama – R K Narayan.

14. What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked till date- Your dumbest purchase till date 😛 ( btao, meri billi mujhi ko miyaooooo :/ :/ 😛 )


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