Hello Everybody. As I  promised, that soon there will be interview time on my blog. And here it is. In this section , I will introduce you with some  amazingly talented and fantastic authors.

And here I am with the very first interview session with the most amazing, multi-talented, fantastic and of course one of my favorite, MEHEK BASSI . 🙂 🙂



buy 10 mg Deltasone Q1. Describe  Mehek Bassi in 5 words.

find out this here Ans. Dedicated, Optimistic, Insightful, Foodie, Crazy.

Q2. Being an engineering student, how did you keep up balance between your studies and writing?

Ans. Honestly, engineering is more about end-semester exams than regular – study, so there was no  balance, but a steep wobble that glided between “exam time” (study) and “no exam time” (writing).

( She is really genius i tell you , warna boss engineering toh khatarnaak khel hai 😛 😛 kamzor dil waalo ke bas ka nahi 😀 😛 😀 )

Q3. When did you decided that you wanted to become a writer?

Ans. Decisions seldom turn into reality, so I don’t decide things that much. I just go with the flow! My life happened like all sugar and spice, and everything nice, till I decided to drop out from my BSc. College, that’s where things turned and that’s how my hobby of writing took a formal and professional structure.

Q4. How did you come up with the idea of writing your first novel,” THE CHAINED- can you escape fate”?

Ans. Like I said, I never decide things for myself, I just let them happen, and so did this book. I was fond of writing short-stories, and I started this as one of my fictional stories, it just happened to stretch over the word count of fifty-thousand, and that’s where one of my author-friends, suggested me to approach a publisher and get it published as a book!

Q5. What difficulties you faced while writing “The Chained-can you escape fate”?

Ans. The hardest thing was connecting the book. I knew the beginning. I knew the climax. What I didn’t know was – how to take the beginning to the climax. That was the toughest part and it took me the longest to complete.

Q6. How did you came up with such an interesting title for your book? 

Ans. The book didn’t have any title for a long time, till I wrote a verse in one of the last few chapters –

In this ruckus of life, nothing have I gained,

I just want freedom, no more do I want to be chained…

And that’s how – the title!

Q7. How does it feels as an author at such a young age?

Ans. Normal! I still wake up, do my chores, hang-out with my friends just like before, and I’ve never felt any special or bigger or anything. I’m just thankful that being known has its own perks, and that has provided me with the privilege of helping others, solving their personal problems, bringing positivity and a smile on as many faces as I possibly can!

( i don’t believe this, jhooth hai ye.. judge sahab saaf saaf dikh raha hai ki yeh mohtarma is sawal ka jawaab dene se bach rahi hai aur jhooth bol rahi hai 😛 😛 winks. Dont kill me for being too filmy 😛 😛 )
Q8. Your blog has several short stories and articles and have won many hearts. How do you come up with such fantastic ideas?

Ans. Thank you for the compliment dear. Ideas are a produce of your mind and your everyday life – combined. I try to notice simplicity and intricacy – the details. The little things that we often ignore, are the closest to the heart, and even if we miss them for one day, we realize what big difference they make! And that’s what almost all my short-stories contain – little things.
Q9. Are you planning to come up with a new novel in coming years? If yes, then what genre probably?

Ans. Of course, I’m working on two books now. One of them is very special to my heart – Letters to Aaradhana. It’s a love story, set up in locale of Jaipur and Dehradun, between a rich business person, and a school-passed teenage girl. It’s different, unique, soft and emotional, and along with that, it’s very simple too – highlighting the little things, and the details of everyday life of a first-class, as well as a middle-class Indian household. I’ve focused on keeping the book as plain and simple, as I can. I’ve focused on the book in such a way that whoever reads it, will definitely get touched by it!

( do- do kitaabein.. kuch toh locha hai boss 😛 😛 )
Q10. Your blog says that you are a day dreamer? How?

Ans. Every author I guess, has to become a day dreamer to weave his stories. The mantra that I follow for writing my stories, is imagining myself at the place of protagonist. For that I have to see, what she sees, I have to feel what she feels, and only then I can exactly write her emotions. For capturing all these details, I have to travel – mentally. Which is possible only by day-dreaming, so I’m a big-time day-dreamer!
Q11. The story series  “arranged series, arranged love & arranged emotions” on your blog gained a lot of popularity among youngsters and it even won many hearts including me. How did you manage to explain each and every emotion so perfectly and beautifully?

Ans. Like I said, Shrey and Akanksha are the characters generated by my mind, and I always imagined myself at their place, understanding their personalities, imagining their lifestyle and finally writing down every chapter, focusing on the tiny details, and minute things, like Shrey’s witty replies, his childish behavior and his maturity when needed. For understanding your character, you have to imagine yourself, at his place!
Q12. Tips you would like to give to aspiring writers?

Ans. Only one, very simple tip – Do not adapt someone else’s style, develop your own style of writing, write what you feel like, and don’t think if readers will like it or not! Just write what you would like to ‘read’ and the world will definitely love it! Because the biggest critic of every writer, is not the reader, but he, himself.
Q13. Write a 100 word drabble using the following word- Mumbai.Just write whatever comes to your mind. No cheating ?

Ans. Bombay can’t be contained in 100 words, it might need millions of words and it will still remain clandestine, just like the railway tracks after heavy rains. The questions will still linger in the air just like the earthy-smell after first shower. The answers will scream to scatter, but will remain clustered like the carpet of people that spreads across the city-streets early every morning. The crammed up locals, the traffic at Dadar, the honks and unbearable heat, the sweat and frustration, everything cools down, when you spend one evening at Marine Drive. Mumbai is the mind, Bombay – the heart.

( Bamabii toh meri jaan hai re baba. winks)


  1. Mehek or Shiya– Mehek – any day!
  2. Black or Red– Red
  3. Mumbai or Ludhiana – Mumbai – undoubtedly!
  4. Your thinking spot– my bedroom.
  5. Name two things from your kitchen which define your personality– Salsa Sauce and Honey.
  6. Your dumbest purchase till date– A rhinestone crown for myself. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I never got any invitation to be the princess of any far land! ( hehehehehehehe jitna haso kam hai 😛 😛 )
  7. Five things which you always carry in your purse – my phone, some money, driving license, sunscreen and a perfume!
  8. The number of paintings in your room( don’t count, be honest)– zero! My room is full of my own photos (I’m a narcissist!). I’m not much fan of paintings, honestly.
  9. Suppose if for one day, you could share a genius brain, whose brain you would like to share- Undoubtedly of Oprah Winfrey! She has the most optimistic and a practical mind.
  10. Are you superstitious– Sometimes
  11. Are you a day/night writer– I’ve sworn to be in the night’s watch!
  12. Most expensive thing you’ve got till date– Most expensive thing that I bought for myself is a pair of stilettos, and the most expensive gift I’ve got till now, is a diamond bracelet from my parents on my last birthday! ( diamond :O :O :O :O )
  13. If given a chance to invent, what would you like to invent– A pair of clothes that can change style and color accordingly, so that I don’t have to buy new dress after wearing one at a few parties! ( kya ladki hai re baba 😛 )
  14. Favorite genre and writer I don’t believe in favorites, I just read what I like and I haven’t set any boundaries for genres, I like to explore, so I can read everything and anything!
  15. What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked till date– Weirdest – What are your plans for marriage? (hehehehehehehehe, yeh duniya hai, zaalim duniya 😛 😛 )


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Thanks Mehek For such an interesting interview. It was a great time interviewing you 🙂 I  enjoyed a lot with you . 🙂 🙂 Lots of love to you 🙂 🙂

You rock babe 🙂  :*

All the best for your future. May you shine high in the sky 🙂 🙂

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