Implicit Feelings.!

We all encounter myriad thoughts, feelings etc.  Some  positive and some negative. In fact,  positive and negative are just two small words when actually there is a whole macrocosm of thoughts whirling in our mind.

These thoughts scream  inside our mind and soul, making a collision yearning to be heard by someone, loved by someone, pampered by someone. They want an escape from your mind and soul. These feelings make you insomniac. They make you feel stressed. They make you feel worst and lonely amongst herds of people.

We all have encountered this situation once in our lifetime. Some accept and some do not. Acceptance is not the matter. What matters is the freedom. Freedom of mind and soul. No one wants to stick around with this kind of feeling.

However, there is much more to this situation. Encountering a situation and fighting alone is easy. What’s more typical is finding someone who will understand this state of mind and will be eager to listen to our problems and offers us a solution.

We all have lots of people around us but no one to share our emotions. No one who can  be all ears to us. Hence, the problem remains unsolved leaving the person to baffle with his or her circumstances on their own.

Therefore, somebody has rightly said, ” few things are better left unsaid“.




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