FATHER’S DAY—- hug him and earn priceless memories..!!!

Fathers are the support system of family. They are like the icing on the cake. However, a cake is incomplete without icing, similarly, a family is incomplete without a father.

First of all, lucky are those who have their fathers’ with them. Ask those who do not have their father with them. How sad and empty it feels.  And I am one among them. I lost my dad five years ago. But till date it feels as if he left us yesterday. It wasn’t easy after he left. I and my mother was unable to accept this fact. And till today we are unable to accept. But as they say, “Life moves on” and hence, we have learnt to move on.

Every year, when father’s day approaches, my Facebook timeline gets flooded with pictures of people with their dad. Some click pictures, some celebrate with their family in a restaurant and many more. It feels good to see them happy with their father’s and family. 🙂 🙂

Celebrating in a restaurant, clicking pictures, buying expensive gifts etc.  have gone old. Why not try something different this year whose memories you and your father will cherish till your lifetime.

Okay, generally, we share secrets with our mothers’. We feel that fathers are a little hard. But I tell you that Fathers are hard from outside but are really soft from inside. They are much more emotional and soft-hearted from inside as compared to mothers. It is just the thing that they do not show their pain outside. They behave as if it didn’t matter them.

This father’s day, make him feel special. And how you can do it. I will tell you and I guarantee you that it will work and see the magic it creates.

You can try cooking some of his favorite dishes. So that in the evening when you sit for dinner, he can get his favorite dish. To make it more special, serve him and make him eat by your hand. After the dinner, go to the terrace, sit beside him, hug him and speak your heart out in front of him. Take him as your best friend and not your father. Put your thoughts, let him keep his thoughts, have a round of discussion over a few topics, ask answers to questions you want to know. And spend the night hugging him and resting your head in his lap.

Believe me, there is nothing best than a hug to your father. It is the best medicine. Also, this is a type of medicine which creates magic for lifetime.

Try this formula of mine this year and I guarantee you that this will be the most expensive gift to your father from you and you will get to know the other side of your father too. And the moments earned, you both will cherish till your lifetime. Just a small effort of yours can make your father feel special and proud on you and will strengthen the bond between you and your father.

Some may feel this not a good idea but it is all about choices. I do not believe in buying expensive gifts, clicking photographs etc. For me, they all are a bad very bad idea. Money cannot buy you happiness. It can give you a http://paperbookintensive.org/paper-book-intensive/img_7508/ feel of happiness but http://thegrasswizard.com/etc8m/uwdramup-drmartens-womens-5886737.php not real happiness. Real happiness comes from inside, it is in the moments spent together sharing love and understanding each other.

Well, if my father was alive, I would have definitely done this. But it is destiny, today he is not with me but I feel his presence with me. Whenever I am sad, I do sit in my room and talk to him because I know he is with me and will with me forever. After all, I am his only daughter and little princess.

So, this father’s day, I will wish him from here only, standing by my arms open feeling his presence and will say.

Happy fathers’ day papa 🙂 🙂  I love you 🙂 🙂

Wait till we meet in heaven …!!!

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