My home is situated in the heart of the city. As an every weekend ritual during winters, I sit on the balcony to soak some sun and to watch the beautiful view of historic Aana Sagar lake that my balcony has to offer, I rest in my favorite grey Neelkamal chair with sunflower designs adorning the backrest , my legs resting on the well-polished iron grill and my eyes gazed into the water. As I fix my eyes over the water, I observe the calmly flowing water, I notice workers cleaning the lake while their machine creating a ripple in the water. As a result, one layer superseding another. God has been kind to us today with the dazzling sun despite extreme cold and its rays adding more beauty to them. From a certain distance, it appears as if they are not layers of water, instead, consecutive pearls are placed one after another on layers of water.

It’s been half an hour that I am sitting and watching this amazing show. And yet everytime a new layer supersedes the previous one my heart fills with joy and smile covers my face. A mild blushing one.

This historic lake is in a circular form. Or you can say that the whole city is situated at its circumference.

Heavy traffic, lavish buildings on one side and water on the other side with the oldest and highest Aravali Mountain Range protecting and covering the city the same way a child draws a black outline to give more highlight to his or her image.

Aaahhhh.!!!! What a scene. !!

This whole concept fascinates me yet depresses me. Despite living in the city for the past many years, people still don’t recognize it’s worth. Instead, they remain crazy for big cities filled with beaches and how many of my friends who have shifted to metropolitan cities adore the beauty of that city, the calm and serenity of their beaches etc.

Over the years I too was one among them. I remember how I used to force my parents to shift me to some big city for the sake of good education. Studies however was never my concern. I wanted to shift not for studies but because big cities, their lifestyle, and everything used to fascinate me. However, as time passed, and I got busy in my own life in my city, I now realized that no matter if the city which I call my hometown is not that big and do not comprise of big Malls, hangout places, pubs, bars, etc. No matter the city has given me so many heartbreaks that some days I just want to pack my bags and run away. But no matter what, it will remain my first love.

Days when I am hell stressed and overthink a lot, nothing calms my mind, soul and body but sitting in my balcony or walking on the terrace watching the calmness of the lake provides. The peace is incomparable. No movie date, long drive, watching tv or anything provides me this sense of calmness which my words fall short to explain.

And I wish to continue to sit in my balcony on weekends after lunch with a book in my hand, watching the calmness of the lake that surrounds the city , watching fishermen catching fishes , government workers cleaning the lake, evening crowd at the lake pathway with lots of people hanging out with friends, some newly married couple stealing their moments away from home, kids playing, some oldies walking around for their good health and many more scenes that provide calmness to my soul and continue to blush like an idiot. Just the way a teenager blushes meekly in front of his or her crush in college.

For me, this is my city, my crush and my love.

For me, this is my Marine Drive and I need not shift to some other city to experience this serene feeling. And I feel extremely blessed to open my eyes and start my day with this beautiful landscape. I am someone who will fall in love with my city every day and every moment no matter how many heartbreaks it has given me or will give me in future..!!!

Dear city,

Thank you making me fall in love; but this time not with people but with YOU. ❀❀❀

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  1. Such a beautiful description of our lovely city Ajmer… I am missing home more than ever now…
    And girl, you got a fan for your writings from this day onwards.. keep growingπŸ€—β€οΈ

    1. Thank you so much mini. It feels good to get this from you. Old classmate and a blogger now. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ€—

      Meraki soul
    1. Hahaha. True. But then in summers , I will sit inside my room and will enjoy the view. My room too gives a good sight. You can accompany too. 😊😊😊

      Meraki soul

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