Book Review-The heart listens to no one, it hums its own song..!!!


Title-  The Heart listen to no one.. It hums its own song.

Author- Purba Chakraborty



Cover- 3/5

Writing style- 5/5

Overall- 5/5


The heart listens to no one. It hums its own song” is the first poetry book by Purba Chakraborty. It consists of 35 love poems related with different genre including love, longing, romance, fondly reminisces, separation etc.

First of all, the cover of the book looks promising. The background comprises of a mystic place in the night along with a girl playing her guitar. The cover reveals much about love, longing, etc.

They way love and various emotions are portrayed are excellent. These poems can make anyone fall in love easily. Just like the author (Purba)  is full of life and love, she has portrayed the same in her poetries.

The language is simple with good usage of words. From the very moment, you start reading the poem, every emotion travels down and reaches to your heart directly without stopping at any place. These poems serve as a treat to your soul similar to chocolates and pizzas’. Both are a treat to your soul. Once starting the book, it is impossible to put it down without completing. Moreover, the order of poems is also very well- set.

Everyone can write a poem but it takes a good author to pen such beautiful poems. All these 35 poems are penned in such a way that they serve as a lullaby to your heart and takes to a euphoric world full of love , life, passion, memories. Afterall,

“The heart listens to no one. It keeps longing for its loved one. The yearning to be with that special person is sometimes even more than that of the yearning to live.” 

I am running short of words to describe how this book touched my soul. Being written in  free verse, these poems are perfect and leave an imprint on the reader. Lastly, I would like to quote few lines from the book which touched my heart and soul.

Painting in my heart

The moment I lost my heart to you, my heart became a canvas of your painting.

Never did I know before,

A loss can be so enticing.!

A dozen love letters

We looked into each other’s eyes uninterrupted

For a few minutes,

As I blinked,

I felt as if

We have exchanged

At least a dozen love letters.

Cup of Nostalgia-

Time stays, People go

Soulmates are never apart

Be it death or worldly separation.

 Imperceptible Corridor

The sparkle in my eyes

Is now a lifeless void

you exist in both

And so I fear

To let my eyes

Get clouded with tears’

Perghap[s you’ve already left

Still I feel you’re there nearby.



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