Book Review- Workout Your Soul…!!!


Title- Workout Your Soul

Author- Sonia Singh


Publisher- Petals Publishers

Genre- Fiction

** I got the book from Petals Publishers for review**


Cover- 3/5

Blurb- 4.5/5

Writing Style- 4.5/5

Overall-  4.9/5


” A strong undeterred virtuous soul is the key to universal faith not rigid, dogmatic religion”. This is the main theme of the book. This unique way of life can unite all humans. The Almighty God is one and one alone. Only the routes to him are diverse. All religions have the same virtues for the soul. only if we look beyond the outer will we reach the true treasure of our inner. This makes you not only blissful but also changes your life for the best.

I have discussed each attribute in detail in eighteen chapters from the magnanimous, untamed ego to the tender, compassionate giving, from the security of love to the hurtfulness of negativity. Awareness in us, common people leading our busy lives, and small changes in our thoughts and emotions can make our family life a paradise. This is infectious paradise can begin the altering of this whole world.


The book takes its readers to a tour. A tour which is so different and self transforming. This 96 page book very beautifully  in its 18 chapters describes the method to transform oneself to a good human being and to erase all negativity from the heart and soul. As the title says, WORKOUT YOUR SOUL, it clearly means to see your soul, notice the wrong in you and correct them and be a good human being. Author has adapted simple writing style to connect with the readers which i feel is a good approach and is successful to  such extent. Also, the chapters are also formulated in a marvelous way that it keeps the readers enthralled  till the end.

In short, this book is a small packet with big bang. No incompetent stuff included which increases its value more.

To all the readers who are looking for some inspiration can select this book and the book will not disappoint you in any way.

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