Book Review- Wild Card..!!!

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Title- Wild Card

Author- Asfiya Rahman

Pages- 151

Publisher- Half Baked Beans Publishing


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Cover- 4/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing Style- 4/5

Overall- 5/5


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Karan Mehrotra thinks he has it all. He is about to marry the love of his life, Riya and is on his way to win at Wimbledon, fulfilling a childhood dream of his.

However, destiny has other plans for him and he is forced to put aside his dreams when life throws a wild card at him/. Wight years later destiny coyly lays another opportunity in front of him. Des he finally gets another chance to fulfill his childhood dream or he will let his fear stop him from taking up the challenge?

find out how a tennis champion is forced to step away from his fame into obscurity and how a bossy little girl forces him to take p one of the hardest challenge of his life and face the life he had left behind. REVIEW

The story is all about Karam Mehrotra, the protagonist and his journey of becoming a superstar winning matches. His life was perfect from all respects. He was a champion and soon to be a Wimbledon champion, he had his love life Riya by his side and soon she was about to give birth to their child. However, amidst all this,  Riya met with an accident and loses her life leaving behind a little girl. Their daughter, Roshni. Within few seconds his life was upside down and he left tennis. However, Roshni helps him to make him a champion once again.

The plot is pretty beautiful and well developed. The book is a short and crisp story and can be completed in one go. I completed the story in one single night. The characterization is brilliant, characters are well built and are multidimensional. They change and grow at a good pace. The author has chosen a terse writing style that helps in making the book more engrossing. No loopholes have been left by the author at any place. The story moves at a good pace. The character of Vikram took my heart away. The way he supported Karan throughout his journey after his life was upside down was amazing. Also, he had a good amount of humor that made him the star. Also, the way a daughter controls his father was amazing. Only a daughter holds the power to control his father and fathers without speaking a word they just go as the daughters say. Brilliant. Kudos to  Chetan Soni sir for such a beautiful concept and thanks to Asfiya Rahman for weaving a beautiful story out of it. Perfect it is.

Negatives– In the end after Karan won the Wimbledon, both Vikram and Karan had feelings for Tahira. However, I was eager to read whom did Tahira chose. Karan or Vikram? How did the romance followed between them?

Rest, no flaws..!!!

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