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Title- UNNS; The Captivation

Author- Sapan Saxena

Pages- 244

Publisher- Inspire India Publishers

Genre- Fiction RATINGS

Cover- 2.5/5

Blurb- 3/5

Writing Style- 3/5

Overall- 4/5


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” Of course you know about the seven stages of love, but have you ever lived them?”

Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim.

Lovebirds since adolescence. Bonded by love, separated by circumstances. They part ways only to meet you again. But this time, he is o a secret mission.

Are they in control of their own destiny, or is it their destiny which is making them dance to its tunes? Only time would answer , as Atharva and Meher unwillingly and unknowingly transcend the seven stages of love.

A quintessential tale of love and romance marked beautifully by its own rustic old school charm.


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The story is a tale of love of two love birds. The complete story revolves around Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim ( the protagonists). They met first time in school and thereafter the love flower bloomed between the two of them. However, on one night Meher’s parents discovered her relationship with Atharva and the next day she broke up. After the school,  Meher moved on and left the country and moved to Germany.  However, Atharva couldn’t move on and lived with her memories with a hope of meeting again. What happens next? Discover by reading the book.

Crisp plot seasoned with different flavors.  The starting of the book is not much interesting as it tells the tale of school kids falling in love and then getting separated. This makes it a little boring. However, the story holds its grip from the second part where the story takes a leap of 15 years and Atharva becomes an officer and moves on to a mission to Germany and meets Meher. The perfect amalgamation of love and revenge is commendable. The way Meher traps Atharva into her plan in the name of love and vice versa after getting released from jail, Atharva traps Meher is really fantastic. The descriptive writing style, realistic plot wrapped with some suspense makes it a perfect and gripping read for everyone despite age factor. Also, the seven stages of love mentioned and the way author has classified each chapter into those seven stages is cool.

Negatives– I didn’t like the cover as according to the beautiful story inside the cover didn’t match accordingly. It could have been somewhat a mixture of love and suspense.

Secondly, the characterisation is not very good. The protagonists’ are not described well. While reading I could not figure out in my mind that how Atharva and  Meher looked. The hazelnut eyes didn’t help much.

Rest, No flaws.!




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