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Title- The last Attractor of Chaos

Author- Abhinav Singh

Pages- 323

Publisher- NotionPress

Genre- Mystery/Thriller



Cover- 3/5

Blurb- 3/5

Writing Style-4/5

Overall- 4.5/5



Trying to protect his pregnant wife, scientist Ashwin Rathore gets killed- unexpectedly and unwantedly. A deadly force lurks in the murk that wants her too, but why? Is it because she works for and with the military and intelligence teams in the country., or is it because she knows that no one else does?



The story revolves around the protagonist couple Shruti Rahod and Ashwin Rathod. In certain and mysterious circumstances, Ashwin gets killed and his wife gets arrested for queries. Even after his death, Ashwin tries to protect Shruti. However, this gives her a rough patch but soon she discovers the truth that they both are destined for a higher purpose. Followed by a series of events, the book unfolds a new mystery on every page. A plot full of suspense with well-developed ideas and good pace from one scene to another. The characters are multidimensional. They evolve according to the need of the story. This is applaudable. good characterization is not every author excels in. With lively writing style and audacious tone, the book becomes a mixture of every ingredient needed to make it a good book. The mystery factor is also well maintained. The book is surely a page-turner for every reader and is highly recommended to everyone irrespective of age. Overall, a good and get-ready-to-experience-a-adrenaline-rush book.

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