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Title- The 365 Days

Author- Nikhil Ramteke

Pages- 178

Publisher- Write India Publications

Genre- Fiction



Cover- 4.5/5

Blurb- 4.5/5

Writing Style- 4/5

Overall- 5/5



This is a story that falls through the crevices of pitiless anonymity, yet miraculously waits to be told. Shijukutty, a Malayali fisherman, leaves his tiny hamlet of abject poverty in the coastal village of Vizhinjam on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, that picturesque vignette of searing beauty on the southwestern coast of India. Shiju, like millions of other Malayalis, seeks his destiny in Dubai, that gleaming global hub of fortune on the south-east coast of the Persian Gulf. What unfolds is a stirring story of distilled hardship, exploitation, identity, and friendship, and the heartbreaking choices Shiju is often forced to make. So what he sees is not what he experiences when he lands in a world of glimmering towers, fast-paced life, and unabashed opulence. For what he was not prepared for was the dark underbelly of Dubai beyond the shimmering mirage.

Shiju’s life is no more the same. But he holds his ground, drawing on ancient instincts of his seafaring ancestry. As things settle down around him, he is inexorably pulled into the canyon of recession.

Will Shiju be able to hold on to his dreams? Will he be able to pull out himself from the whirlpool? Will he survive against all odds? Will he redeem himself?

Nikhil Ramteke unfolds an extraordinary saga about Indian expatriates, their struggles, their alienation, and their dreams. The 365 days is more than a story of a year in Shijukutty’s life.



The story revolves around Shijukutty, a Malayali fisherman who moves to Dubai for fulfilling his dreams leaving his hometown. However, as the story progresses, it unfolds another part of eye attracting Dubai filled with harsh realities and Shijukutty’s struggle to overcome all those.

Powerful theme with realistic plot sets the pace of the story.  The story moves forward at a good pace with original and multidimensional characters that change and grow along with the story. Characters are well developed with a positive attitude that makes it more interesting to read. The book is a roller coaster journey and keeps the reader engrossed until the end. The book also shows the other part of the city to which people are most fascinated with. The ugly side. Overall, the book is an interesting read and is recommended to everyone irrespective of the age group who wants to read something fresh and about the struggle about Indian expatriates.

Negatives- I didn’t find any. But wait, The cover is really amazing. !!!

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