Book Review- Sparks From the Hearth..!!!


Title- Sparks from the Hearth

Author- Mathew Panthanalil Thomas

Pages- 99

Publisher- Notionpress Publishers

Genre- Fiction



Cover- 4/5

Writing Style- 5/5

Overall- 5/5



The book is a collection of short stories revolving around his hometown, Kangazha. The book contains twelve stories. Each story tells a different tale. Written in a brilliant way, with fantastic use of words, the author has done a brilliant job.The book holds the capacity to take you to the God’s own country and can make you feel as if you are present at that particular situation. The stories are so lively.  While reading, I  felt each and every story and its emotions. Everything is just perfect. A realistic plot,  original and unique characterization, terse style of writing makes it a perfect read for everyone irrespective of the gender and age. The books hold the capacity to keep you hooked till the last page and after completion, heart years for more. The author has proved all those wrong who thinks that short stories are of no use and are not read. However, this book proves them wrong. Highly recommended to everyone. Fantastic in every aspect.

Negatives– The book contains no flaws. All Perfect.!!!


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