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Title- Social Recruiters

Author- Amit Sharma

Pages- 246

Publisher- Moments Publishers

Genre- Non- Fiction/ Self- Help RATINGS


Blurb- 5/5

Writing Style- 5/5

Overall- 5/5 BLURB

The book is about the future of recruitment industry.

Recruitment is a crucial part of the success of any organization. Be it a for-profit or non- profit organization. Now, with the advent of the internet, the recruitment industry is changing. Because consumer preference is changing, the process of human resource assessing and hiring is changing at a lightning speed.

This book is a must-read for thought leaders, CEO’s,  HR heads, Profit Centre Head, Mid and Upper-Level Management, Students, Professors, Teachers, entrepreneurs, all businessman- Small and medium enterprise, and Start-Up enthusiasts.


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The book  “Social Recruiters” came for review as a total change. The book is not a regular novel, instead, it is a book related to information that can help building your business. The book is divided into eight sections. Each section has subsections that relate to a particular topic. If you are an enthusiast youngster who wants to open your own startup or set up a business or working in a private firm etc this book is a sure shot solution to all your problems. Every topic is explained in a detailed manner keeping in mind the use of simple understandable vocabulary along with minute details that not everyone tells you.

Through this book, the author tries to tell the future of recruitment industry and what all things need to be kept in mind to be a successful businessman. The book is a complete guide and one-stop solution for every person in the corporate world.

And yes, the book is not boring at all. The anecdotes and useful information keep you completely engrossed until the last page.

Thank you, author, for writing this book.


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