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Title- When the sky bleeds

Author- Ashna Khan

Pages- 202

Publisher- Educreation Publishing

Genre- Fiction.เที่ยวยุโรป/ RATINGS-

Cover- 2.5/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing Style- 4.5/5

Overall-4.5/5พากย์ไทย-pantip BLURB

What’s true love? Is it about standing up for your loved ones and being there for them no matter what? Or is it about meekly surrendering yourself to circumstances,  watching your loved ones struggle? Or is it about putting your life on the knife’s edge to save those you love?

When the sky bleeds… throws many daggers towards our understanding of love and the instinct of survival. It was love at first sight for Bhoomi. However, the journey of her life takes a winding path, with many hurdles and potholes and finally hits a dead end. With her own family becoming her wildest nightmare, will she be able to survive the on slaught ? What will she do when her reasons for living is taken away from her? How will she fight a lone battle when her own mind is not able to support her cause? Will she lose everything, including her life?

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The story revolves around the protagonist Bhoomi and her struggles for a good living. However, the protagonist comes to notice after a bit late but then it’s worth waiting. At first, Kasturi Ba seems the protagonist,  however, later it comes that Bhoomi is the real hero.

Descriptive and realistic plot very well blended into a story of love, hatred, revenge, and sacrifice with multidimensional characters each portrayed very well. The presence of many characters did not spoil the charm because they were well balanced. The terse writing style and powerful narration help the reader hooked until the end. The story talks about the orthodox human nature that still prevails. The author has very well explained the change this society needs.

Additionally, the short poems before starting of the chapter were fantastic and it acted like an icing to the story. Furthermore, at many places, the author has shown her sarcastic side, which too was brilliant.

Overall, a must read for everyone despite gender and age factor. Pick up the book if you want to read something different yet engrossing, interesting and hooking.

Negatives– I did not like the cover of the book. According to the engrossing and depth of the story, the cover should have worked on.

Second, there were slight editing errors that surely be avoided in front of the beautiful story.

Rest, No flaws.



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