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Title- Principles of success made easy

Author- Dr. Roopleen Prasad

Pages- 131

Publisher- Macmillan Publishers India Limited

Genre- non- fiction/self help



Cover- 4/5

Blurb- 5/5

Writing style- 5/5

Overall- 5/5



Principles of success made easy – 14 easy steps to climb the ladder of success is the culmination of my onerous efforts of writing something simple yet relevant. It is a pragmatic amount of the fundamental principles of achieving success by self-help and is the distilled essence of my years of research and understanding of the dynamics of success.

this practical manual serves as a step by step guide to climb the ladder of success. It gives both an in-depth view and a time-tested approach to succeed and chronicles 14 golden principles of achieving success. The principles are wide-ranging and apply to success in any sphere of life. My own life has been transformed by the principles enshrined in this book. Therefore, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be successful in life and seeks happiness.

Principles of success made easy – 14 easy steps to climb the ladder of success would prove to be not only a guidebook for success but also a reservoir and storehouse of strength and motivation. I am sure all my readers would be able to relate to this book, which has been carefully tailored just for them. They would be tempted to read this self-help manual over and over again in order to assimilate its contents and incorporate the principles in their lives. Afterall, as is said, “a good book becomes a part of you!”.



“Principles of success” is no ordinary book. The book can be taken up as a guide for all everyone irrespective of their age group. This is one book which should be holding a space on every book lovers’shelf. This book is a perfect guide to every question of a curious, messy mind who needs some kind of motivation to achieve their dreams. Written in an extremely simple language ,  terse writing style,  well-organized chapters with a perfect number of chapters; this book is a must-read for all. This book can be taken as a map towards their journey of success. Overall, an important and must read for everyone. Thank you, author, for writing a book like this that can help a lot of people in achieving their dreams and making them confident about themselves and their dreams.

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