Book Review- Paperback Dreams.!!!

Title- Paperback dreams

Author- Rahul Saini

Pages- 250

Publisher- Penguin Metro Reads.

Genre- Fiction

** I received the book from author for review**


Cover- 4.5/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing style- 4.5/5

Overall- 4.7/5


How will you stoop to fulfill your dreams?

Jeet Obiroi, a college casanova, has published a book by unfair means. All he wants is to earn loads of money and have hot girls chasing after him!

Rohit Sehdev, a one- book- old- popular- fiction writer, is furious when he finds out his publisher ahs cheated him out of his royalties.

Karun Mukherjee is a highly ambitious school boy who wants to win the heart of his lady love by writing a novel. And he doesn’t mind playing dirty to get to the top!

Ruthlessly exploiting these ambitious young men is their unscrupulous publisher. Sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, paperback dreams is the story of a new breed of young writers who will do anything to get famous, fast.


Ther story revolves around three male characters. Amongst all, one needs to be rich and famous, other wants to look for a good story and the third one wants his royalties. The cover and blurb itself reveal a lot about the story. All three deal with the same publisher and has different views. The story revolves around these three characters and how they deal with their situations.

Positives about the book– A light-hearted, gripping and a jolly read. The story is written in such a simple yet intriguing way so that the reader gets absorbed into the book.  The author has the quality. He knows how to keep his readers stuck to the book. My last read was ” just for you” by the same author and I had complained about the presence of a lot of characters which sometimes made the story messy.

But after reading this book, all the issues are cleared. All the three characters despite being so different from each others, are similar to each other and run parallel to each other with some intersection at certain points. In addition, the author has also revealed the dark sides of the publishing industry. The best part was when Rohit despite having low self-confidence confines the publisher in a comic yet filmy style.

The writing style is commendable. Simple, intriguing, with a whimsical touch and effortless read. Overall, it is a perfect read filled with fun and frolic.

Negatives about the book– There are no such negatives in the book. Apart from some grammatical errors that could have been sorted, I didn’t found any drawback.

Pizza Paramour says– Did you remember when cheese burst and cheese max pizza was added to the menu and it was compulsory to try . Similarly, Paperback dreams is a must read for everyone who is into the writing industry or not. “Paperback dreams” is the cheese burst crust one cannot deny giving it a try with full amusement in return.


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