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Title- Oh my Goddess

Author- Rohan Govenkar

Pages- 285

Publisher- Frontier Publications

Genre- Fiction



Cover- 4/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing Style- 4.5/5

Overall- 4.7/5



The biggest dream in Naveen’s life, at this point, is to get Jessica attracted to him. Stunningly beautiful and incredibly proud, Jessica is his millionaire boss’s daughter; and Naveen believes that the chances of her falling for an ordinary, middle-class guy such as him are minuscule, unless…

….. they both are locked up together, in a romantic setting, isolated from the outside world. So an obsessed Naveen hires goons to nab Jessica, fake his own kidnapping and keep them both as hostages in rented, plush villa in Adona village. The motive is disguised as ransom.

While Naveen tries to make quality time with the terrified Jessica, he notices that the villa has some of its own secrets that could annihilate his chances. The house happens to be a location for a horror video- prank set up by two mischievous boys from Mumbai and is bugged with all sorts of gadgetry and ghoulish props.

What happens next is a pure adventure that leaves Naveen to his wit’s end. Will everything go in accordance with Naveen’s carefully laid-out plan? Or will he end up in jail? To find out more, do check out this page turner of an exciting romantic thriller that will make you go “Oh My Goddess”.



The story revolves around Naveen who wants to be an overnight billionaire. To fulfill this fantasy he plots a kidnapping and what happens next is a whole together gripping story. A suspenseful plot with two stories running parallel to each other is beautifully handled by the author. The author has weaved each and every emotion beautifully. The characters are unique and believable. The writing style is lively and full of action which adds stars to the wonderful book. Additionally, the rightful amount of humor, suspense makes this book more engrossing. The author has successfully filled his promise of hooking his readers till the end. This book is something which once started is hard to put down until you finish it.

Overall, the book is similar to a cheese burst peppy paneer pizza with the righful amount of paneer squares, red chilies to make it hot and crisp, and an inner layer of cheese to make you feel like heaven on earth in your mouth. Everything is just perfect and hence, it remains my all time favorite. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the book is by far the best read of mine this year.

Negatives– I didn’t find any, You too won’t. Trust me. !!!

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