Book Review- Love Buddy..!!!

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Title- Love Buddy; Is Love worth the wait?

Author- Zahir Chauhan

Pages- 117

Publisher- Story Mirror

Genre- Romance



Cover- 3/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing Style- 4/5

Overall- 4/5



Kabir and Kashish have been best buddies ever since. Everyone saw them to be head over heels with each other, but they were not.

Years later they meet only to have Kabir realize that he is in love with Kashish. As fate could have it Kashish is also in love, but with someone else!

Who is the interloper?

Will Kabir ever be able to express his feelings to Kashish or her will have to spend rest of his life waiting for his soul mate?

Kashish has to make some choices too…

Which road will they take?

Hold on to your seats as you embark on a journey filled with friendship, love, and suspense.

And hopefully, you will find the answer to the most important question of them all, is the love worth the wait?



The story revolves around six friends namely Kabir, Kashish, Nijo, Rajat, Samar, Anika. The six of them met first during their college days and since then they have been friends for life. After graduating from college they get settled in their respective lives. However, they all get a chance to meet again after years in Samar and Anika’s engagement. What follows next is the true essence of the story.

A short story with clean, crisp storyline; lucid writing style; the author has played his cards pretty well. In the starting, it seems to be a casual romance, however, the end was surprising and acted like an icing on the cake. Also, the most powerful tool of the story lies in the bonding shared by the friends. Simple yet powerful story weaved with the plethora of emotions. Also, the story makes one reminisce about the good old college days and this makes it more interesting. Overall, a short story with a blend of emotions, friendship, love, and much more. Recommended to all romance lovers.

Negatives–  First, I wanted to read more of romance between Kashish and Kabir. Did they got married or not? Second, the point when Kabir cancels his flight and plans to go to Mumbai along with Kashish, they stop at a certain place on the highway to talk about their relationship. This, however, according to me didn’t fit into the square as for what if they didn’t stop at that certain point? Then how could others would have reached before Kabir and Kashish.

Rest, no flaws. !!

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