Book Review- Letters in the Rain..!!!

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Title- Letters in the rain

Author- Anubhav Srivastava and Ananya Roy

Pages- 200

Publisher- Rumour Books

Genre- Fiction



Cover- 3/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing Style- 4/5

Overall- 3./5



Quite early in his life, Aman has been labeled a “weirdo”. His side-parted, oil-soaked hair and gawky physique made him the butt of jokes among his peers. There is nothing spectacular in his life- he studies all day, has never had an interaction with a girl that lasted more than five minutes, and scribbles his inner musings into his best friend, a personal diary.

Deep down, however, the guilt of being considered a social killjoy by the society starts to have a negative impact on him.

When forced out of his solitary shell into the action-infused warehouse that is “college”, Aman’s life takes a drastic U-Turn. Owing to a chemistry project, he is forced to partner up with Kiara- a cheerful soul who tucks away her dark, brooding past upon arriving in Manipal.

What follows is a series of awkward encounters and quirky adventures ones that throw them in the deep end and make them face their worst fears.



The story revolves around the protagonist Aman who is very shy in nature and is always engrossed in studies. With no friends, Aman was an introvert and his only companion was his diary where he poured out his heart. However, after getting into college and meeting Kiara his life takes a U-Turn followed by a hell lot of events.

Realistic plot with good pace from one scene to another along with subtle theme makes it an interesting read. Characters are real and lively writing style makes it a good read. The book can be completed in one sitting. Furthermore, the small poetry towards the end acts like an icing. However, this book is of more use to all romance lovers as it holds a complete packet of love, relationships, and everything. A must read for all romance lovers.


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