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Title- I Owed You One

Author- Madhu Vajpayee

Pages- 258

Publisher- Lifi Publications

Genre- Fiction/Family Life



Cover- 3/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing Style- 5/5

Overall- 5/5



To what extent will you go for a promise you had made years ago?

Dev Khanna has it all before a mysterious letter shakes the very foundation he has built his life on. With his beliefs challenged, he decides to close the chapter once and for all. I owed you one is the story of promises and commitments, of triumphs and defeat, and of holding on and letting go.



The story revolves around protagonist Dev Khanna and his life. Despite Being a single child yet deprived of his father’s love, his mother made sure that she plays the role of both father and mother perfectly. However, Dev never understood the reason behind the indifference of his father towards him and his mother. However years pass by and after joining college, his friend Javed unfolds the mystery of his father’s indulgence with a lady of other religion who happens to be Javed’s aunt which automatically clears up the reason of indifference towards his family. Dev’s life takes a U-turn after Javed’s revelation followed by a series of heart-wrenching events including his mother’s death and then shifting his base to Australia and getting married to Radhika; the love of his life.

However, one day he receives a letter from Saira; the name itself brought back thousands of memories to him. Yet he decides to read the letter. Saira’s daughter Zoya was missing for few days and she asked Dev to help her in finding Zoya.

With an intriguing and powerful theme, the author has chosen a realistic and suspenseful plot with all its subplots tied very well. The characters are realistic and believable. Descriptive writing style along with the confident tone of narration with the extremely good use of vocabulary made it easier for understanding. The suspense that starts building up in the midway is being handled with utmost care and is taken care that it does not loses its grip and holds the capacity to keep the readers engrossed till the last page. Author has succeeded in this very well. Also, the story talks about religious violence and also throws light on the loopholes of administration in dealing such issues. Furthermore, the way protagonist holds himself in tough times just for the sake of a promise is commendable.

Overall, a gripping read with a roller coaster journey of love, loss, friendships, suspense, thriller and everything one can find in a book A must-read for every genre.

Lastly, quoting few lines from the book that took my heart away-

Page6- an Even phenomenal amount of wealth doesn’t guarantee any security against unhappiness. Not having money can be the reason for unhappiness but having money can never be the reason for happiness.

Page26- Sometimes in life, it is worse to have choices. If you don’t have a choice, at least you can reconcile that you never had one. It spares you out of the dilemma, of turmoil, of self- doubts, of self-pity, of painful memories which keep challenging you.

Page 41– The responsibility of honoring the relationship lies with the person who has stakes in it and not with other people.

Page 52– It isn’t about the grey skies, it’s about the peeping sun, it isn’t about the falling raindrops, it’s about the smell of a soaked mother earth, it isn’t about a bad beginning, it’s about a happy ending.

Page193– Some roads lead to nowhere, yet we tread on them because sometimes it’s important to just keep moving on rather than halt midway and feel lost. And perhaps, that is the only way to find our destination.

Page 196– Love always comes with a price. it is up to you whether you pay with a smile or with a tear.

Page 226– Trust is like giving someone key to your existence and believing that they won’t destroy you. Trust is beyond any rationale. Losing trust is like losing a part of you, forever. “What about losing love”? “Love can be reclaimed. but not rust. And that love might never be whole without trust”.

PIZZA PARAMOUR SAYS– Have you ever had a cheese burst veg extravaganza pizza with an extra layer of cheese.? The book is similar to this. Cheese burst base ( powerful pot, theme) with overloaded veggies ( characters, emotions, suspense, thriller) with an extra layer of cheese ( quoted lines). A heavenly experience. Read the book to have one such experience.

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