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Title- The god factor: For Success and Contentment.

Author- Nitin Srivastava

Pages- 56


Genre- Fiction


resource RATINGS

Cover- 3/5

Blurb- 2.5/5

Writing Style- 4/5

Overall- 4.5/5


Get the facts BLURB

Sometime I pass through a highway, connecting my city with other cities. There is a house by the side of that highway – house of a rich person. I have seen near about twenty cars standing there. The family of that rich person is small. A small family with only three members, and yet, they have so many cars of their own. Sometimes I think, what is the purpose of acquiring so many cars for such a small family? But I can understand somehow that the need is social. The need is of that perception, which says to him that the more cars he possess the more he is socially accepted; the richer he is believed to be. He wants to show that he is rich and he is showing through his cars.

I have heard about a beautiful dead body. And, that was of Alexander the Great. But what was beautiful about his dead body? It was his ability to give a message to this world, through his body. And, the message was great. The message was his whole learning; what he had learnt through his life. That is why even his dead body was beautiful – it contained a beautiful message.

When Alexander the Great was dying; he realized that now there is no way to survive. He was certain about his death. So, he called his ministers and told them that during his last journey, the journey to cremation ground, both of his hands should be kept open. So that, people could see that even a person like him; even Alexander the Great is leaving this world empty handed, with nothing to acquire; not a single penny.

He realized in his last days that he wasted his life: wasted just in accumulating lands, in accumulating wealth. But finally he was going, he has to go and he could carry nothing with him. He was going; acquiring nothing for which he had fought so many wars with so much bloodshed.

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Positives– At some point or the other, we all need some kind of motivation. No matter from where it comes, the medium etc, the main purpose is to make you motivate. However, the book, in this case, serves as a medium. It provides you inspiration and helps to understand life better. The stories inside will make you question yourself regarding your various issues of life and along with provides answers on how to face them. Written in a clear, understandable writing style, the author has done a brilliant job. The book is surely a page turner and compels you to think about life and your perception towards it.
The book forces you to think about your own problems and frame your opinions about solving them. The book also provides you a deeper insight into the life and its theory. Furthermore, it quotes the most important line that road to success can never be cleared without getting hurt by pebbles of failures.
Overall, the book is a good read for all those who are looking for some motivational read to boost themselves up. This book is a page turner for them.

Negatives– First of all, I didn’t like the cover of the book. However, according to the interesting matter inside, the cover could have been a little more worked upon. Secondly, there were little editing errors.
Rest, no flaws.
PIZZA PARAMOUR SAYS– Have you ever had a Margherita pizza ( the god factor). It is simple, yet filled with so much love and provides contentment to the soul. Recommended to all those who love margarita (self-help books).

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