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Title- An eye for my love; I want to live.

Author- Vibhor Tikiya

Pages- 174

Publisher- Srishti Publishers and distributors.

Genre- Fiction.


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Cover- 4/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing Style- 4/5

Overall- 4/5



Dhruv is a vagabond who lives life king size, without having to work for a living. He wanders around the world without a purpose. Life, however, takes a turn when he meets Aisha in Paris and falls head over heels in love with her. An escapist, he is unable to express his love while his lady love moves back home to India.

Dhruv decides to go after her to the country that wasn’t very kind to his late mother. Too add to his misery, he loses Aisha in a violent incident. Transformed into the reluctant fundamentalist, Dhruv seeks punishment for the culprit through law. It’s when the loopholes in the system seem to be favouring the wrong side that he seeks vigilante justice. Aided by two men with their own agendas, he fights to achieve justice and balance.

“I want to live “- the last words of a woman who changed India forever- inspire this tale of love, justice and revenge.


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The story revolves around Dhruv(The protagonist) and her lady love Aisha. Dhruv is a vagabond and lives life according to his ways. He is a traveller without any purpose. After losing his mother, he maintained distance from India. However, he found his love Aisha in Paris and followed her to India. After returning back, Aisha met with an accident and loses her life. The incident shatters Dhruv down. He decides to fight and want justice for Aisha.

The story is a tale of love, humour, revenge, justice. The author has chosen a sensitive plot and has defined it very well. The plot is related to the Nirbhaya incident to a certain extent. That incident can be called as the inspiration for this book. The portrayal of emotions, narration, and writing style is excellent. The first half of story is a mixture of love and humour. However, the second half focuses on major issues like fighting for revenge and justice.

Also, the arrival of another character Aryan twists the story to a certain extent.

The opening notes and footnotes in every chapter were an icing. Additionally, in the first half, when Dhruv visits Egypt and watches the pyramid, he gets lost in his mother’s memories. The balance between the present and past was well synchronised.

Overall, the book is a good read for everyone as it contains a balanced level of love, humour, and revenge.

clindamycin solution price Negatives– I didn’t find any negatives as such. No flaws.


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