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Title- College Days

Author- Devayu

Pages- 202

Publisher- Pandora Box Press

Genre- Fiction



Cover- 3/5

Blurb- 3.5

Writing Style- 3/5

Overall- 3/5



Neil met Avani- the girl who saved him from committing suicide a few years back. Soon they were connected through facebook. On day one she revealed her plan to leave India for higher studies. But still, their conversation continued. He told her about his college life while she talked about her friends. One day, he surprised her by dropping to her place and professing his love.

What will Avani do now?



As the name suggests, the story is all about college life and its various phases. Undoubtedly, college life is the best phase in every student’s life. From studying to playing pranks to falling in love, everything happens in college. Hence, the book is all about college life and its myriad emotions. Simple writing style with good usage of words and vocabulary makes it a beautiful read. Audacious tone with incidents in the protagonist ( Neil’s) life makes it more impressive. However, the series of events is easily predicted due to the genre and plot line. Also, the drama between Neil and Avni is worth reading.  A simply beautiful book and a one time read for all romance lovers who love to revisit their old college days.


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