Title- Call Me Saaya

Author- Zoe M

Version- Ebook



Cover- 3/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing Style- 4/5

Overall- 4/5



Shamsher Singh Rathore has it all. A job he loves and a life he lives every moment. Until an untimely call from home embroils him with a woman called Saaya who proceeds to turn his orderly world upside down!

The only interest Sayana Singh Rajput had in him was the prized Sheesh Haveli. She had never believed in love until destiny threw her this impossible challenge.

What do you do when all that you believed in turns out to be a lie?

Will Shamsher be able to save his world?

Will Sayana believe in love or will she allow avarice ruin it all?

What about Saaya?

What happens when desire meets destiny?

Set in idyllic Rajasthan, Call me Saaya is the story of two souls in pursuit for true love while destiny has other plans for them.



The story revolves around Shamsher Singh; the protagonist who aspires to be a well-known photographer. Shamsher plans to visit his prized possession, Sheesh Mahal. The very moment he decides this, his life takes a U-turn. Being a debutant, the author has done a brilliant job. Suspenseful yet insightful plot with well-developed ideas, the narration is top notch. characterization is good with humor, romance, suspense in equal quantity. Being myself a typical Rajasthani the depiction is brilliant.  Overall, a good read for all romance lovers.

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