Book Review- Buddha on Wall- Street..!!!

Title- Buddha on wall- street

Author- A. Venkata Subramanian

Pages- 214

Publisher- Notionpress Publishers

Genre- non fiction, management 


Cover- 4/5

Blurb- 3/5

Writing Style- 4/5

Overall- 3.5/5


Can money buy happiness? How to maximise your HQ ( happiness Quotient)? What is the path to financial moksha? How to use your finances to maximise your potential? Why is money like oxygen?

Buddha on wall street is where western philosophies of maximising wealth meet the eastern philosophies of modernisation and maximising happiness. This is where the united states of America meets Bhutan. 

While buddha on wall street is primarily a boook on investments it seeks to redefine happiness from the perspective of ancient wisdom drawing on the source of true happiness. IT is materialism with contentment. 

Buddha on wall street not only equips the reader with knowledge and wisdom to effectively maximise returns and manage one’s investments but also lays out a balanced approach to maximise one’s happiness. 

In the amterial world there is a single pointed focus towards attaining wealth. This defeats the purpose it intends to serve, ending in misery rather than happiness. The book deals with the mechanics of how to maximise one’s happiness quotient ( HQ). 

The book is a practical guide on how one should balance put one’s primal desires for infinite wealth with one’s HQ. It is about securing our future with the right investments and managing our lives with the right attitude.


The book is divided into two parts. both the parts simultaneously deal with investments, funding, saving, happiness quotient. Each and every topic is explained in a crisp manner with a good amount of focus on investments and money management. the book serves as a guide to all your questions related to finances and happiness. keeping it short and to the point, the book makes it an important read to maintain balance in life. 

However, at some point I felt that the calculations made it a bit boring but it may be helpful to others. Overall, a decent read and has some extremely good tips to follow. 

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