Book Review- Beyond, A meaningful journey..!!!

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Title- Beyond- A meaningful journey

Author- Anmol Chawla

Pages- 323

Publisher- Notionpress Publishing.

Genre- Fiction



Cover- 3/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing style- 3.5/5

Overall- 3.7/5



What is it that took away the carefree attitude we had in our childhood? What is it that took away the spark we had as adolescence? What is it that took away the charm we had as teenagers? What is it that took away the warmth we had as human beings?

Three youngsters and three middle-aged men set out to find answers to questions that have forever perplexed human mind. Suddenly, the disaster of Uttarakhand happens, leading them to meet a wonderful social entrepreneur, who seems to know it all. He is busy making social wealth through his company’s profit by creating incredible social entrepreneurial systems. His strong intention unites them all, for one ultimate cause.

Beyond: A meaningful journey documents their journey, the teachers they meet on the way, and the lessons they learn. What begins with a search ends with a hope and promise.



The book is a work of fiction with three youngsters and three middle-aged men. However, let us not talk about the protagonists and about the story. Let us leave this to the readers who are going to read the book.

This review is going to be a bit different because here I am not telling anything about the story. In addition, amongst all the books I have read this book is a bit different. A work of fiction yet a book that will leave you spellbound leaving questions in your mind that will make you think. The book contains an insightful theme with a realistic plot with good pace with scene to scene.  Characters are well developed. Clean and lucid writing style makes it more engrossing. In addition, the taglines given to the chapters are also good and added stars to it.  The book is a page-turner and is surely an engrossing read only and only if you love reading insightful read with some motivation, self-evaluation. A perfect blend of everything.

Negatives–   Firstly, I did not like the cover, as I could not relate to it. Secondly, the length could be a little short as the book gets a little boring in the middle. Shorter length could have helped it in gaining more readers.

Rest, no flaws..!!


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