Book Review- The Amigos..!!!

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Title- The Amigos

Author- Tanmay Dubey and Rahul Tiwari

Pages- 241

Publisher- Rupa Publications

Genre- Fiction



Cover- 4/5

Blurb- 4/5

Writing Style- 4/5

Overall- 4.5/5



We are the future of this country and we should stop taking things for granted.

We need GMD in our generation. Losers cannot make a winning nation.

Three friends from college- Rahul, Ritesh, and Rehan- are living their respective mundane lives. Until one day when an incident makes them come back together after six years. They relive their old memories of when they had joined college. Their strong bond had helped the, deal with college pressures, make new friends, discover love and handle the toughest situations, all the while having the best time of their lives. Ritesh had always sworn by his mantra of GMD that helped him in college when he and his friends had to face difficult professors or bullying seniors, and even later on while choosing his career path and negotiating every challenge that fell in his way. But what was GMD? Who has it in them? And how can one use it to realize one’s potential? Will one incident change the course of the life of these three friends?

A story of friendship, bonding, revolution and growing up. The Amigos will resonate with everyone who has experienced strong bonds and long lasting friendships in college and beyond.



The story revolves around three friends, Rahul, Ritesh, and  Rehan. The story is a tale about their friendship, bonding, revolution and growing up as said in the blurb.

The book is a work of contemporary fiction with a powerful theme, realistic plot with well-developed ideas. Additionally, the characters are original, well developed with a powerful characterization. The R Trio is beyond perfect. The bonding between the trio is awesome. Additionally, the humor in between the book shines bright like a diamond. Furthermore, the twists and turns along with the GMD concept added spice to the story made it more sizzling and engrossing. Overall a perfect page turner. Highly recommended.

Negatives– I did not find any flaws. All Perfect.






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