A month back, it was Friday and next two days were holidays. Moreover, the next morning was my mom’s birthday. Therefore, I need to plan something. However, unlike previous years, I want this birthday celebration to be unique and super special.

After office, rather than going home, I went to the market as until now, few of my preparations are still left. Therefore, I halted near a florist shop and ordered a bouquet of red roses with a tag “ Happy Birthday & I love you” to be delivered at our home tomorrow morning.

Next, I went to a bakery and ordered one pound black currant cake which will also be delivered at our home  tomorrow morning.


Then I went to a photo studio to collect my photo collage, which I have given him a week ago and headed my way back to home.


Before entering my home, I went to a nearby sari shop and collected my sari, got it packed and came home. As I opened the gate and entered, I was bewildered, as I need to hide those boxes somewhere. Nothing came to my mind. Suddenly, I saw the shade in my veranda and without wasting a single second; I opened the gate, settled those boxes hurriedly, and shut the door.

I moved inside calmly, changed my clothes, and started chatting with my mom but gave no hint of tomorrow’s plan of mine. 🙂 🙂 

The next morning when I wake, I hugged my mom & wished her a very happy birthday. To which she hugged me and gave a peck on my cheeks and said “thank you, beta” giving her million dollar smile.

As the day started, I was too delighted, as I want to notice Maa’s expressions seeing the gifts. 🙂 🙂 

Since it was Saturday, I was helping her in kitchen cooking some special food for today’s occasion. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. She went towards the gate, opened it and saw a young man holding a bouquet in his hand. Before she could ask anything, the young man said, “Happy birthday ma’am. This is for you” said smiling and went away. She took the flowers and came in.

She called me. Before, she could start her questionnaire with me, the doorbell ranged again and she went to open the gate. This time, a man in his 30 has handed over to her a small box and said ‘happy birthday ma’am smilingly and left away. She took that box and came in.

Just as she came in, I ran towards the main gate like a wind shouting, “Maa, I am coming in just a minute”.

Within a second, I came back smiling with two big boxes in my hands and handed over them to my mom.

Open these Maa, I said ecstatically. 🙂 

What all are these? Why have you taken so much pain, beta”? Questioned Maa, with teary eyes yet smiling. As without saying anything, she understood everything. She understood that all this is my plan. 🙂 

I hugged her and wished her happy birthday. 🙂 🙂 In return, she too hugged me and gave a peck on both my cheeks. Moreover, a tear rolled down her face. She was so elated to see all the gifts. Seeing her happiness, I was relieved that I followed my heart and made her day. 🙂 🙂 

Meanwhile I arranged the table, lit the candle, Maa changed and wore the new sari, which I gifted her. Then, I sang the birthday song and Maa cut the cake. We both took many pictures, cooked delicious dished for lunch and our mother daughter duo enjoyed the whole day. 🙂 🙂 

 Life is too short. Nobody knows when it comes to a halt. Before, it ends, spend your life in doing good work, making people happy and collect blessings from them. These will help us grow. Do not waste this precious lifetime in ignoring others, making them feel inferior. 

Achieving heights in career is excellent, but do not become so much blind in the lights of success that you are unable to see or feel some of the most precious moments of your life. These moments once gone cannot be brought back by any means. Neither your money nor your fame can bring back the moments or people whom you lost while running behind success. And then one day when you will look back, you will have nothing with you. You will be empty hand.

Therefore, rather than repenting afterwards. Make this life beautiful. Follow our heart, make time for family and friends. Make them feel special, try to create a rainbow in their life , try to bring smile on their faces and they will cherish those moments through their lifetime and will give you blessings.More you are blessed by your family and friends, more God will help you and love you.

Maybe sometimes, our small deeds can create magic in somebody’s life. And that magic will give positive energy to you also. You too will feel happy and lighter in your heart.

At last i would like to say, “kisi apne ke lie dil se kabhi kuch kar ke toh dekhiye, acha lagta hai, unhe bhi aur aapko bhi” 🙂 🙂 🙂 

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