Anything wala Thursday..!!!

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Today is Thursday.  I guess everyone knows that.

Obviously, how can one forget that today is Thursday?

Today was my holiday. Damn, how much I love holidays.  I wish if my office could provide me a special one-month holiday in winters so that I will snuggle in my bed drinking coffee, reading books, do some quality writing and of course sleep whenever I want. I shall be highly thankful to them. Alas, not all dreams come true and these kinds of stupid, weird dreams of mine never come true.

Well, while I am writing this, do not forget that I am sitting in my bed with my cell phone in my one hand and I am typing side by side.

Okay, so I was getting bored and I haven’t written anything since past few months, hence I decide to write one piece. But, wait; “what should I write“?

A question that dances in my mind and makes me mad. Currently while writing this, same question is going through my mind. However, I think that you people would be bored of reading my book reviews and some serious relationship posts. Therefore, I decided to go off topic today.

Let’s have some fun.

So, why should only I go mad between the battle of my mind and myself? Therefore, decide to make you people also mad with this stupid post of mine.

Let’s read on…. ha ha hahaha..!!!

So, without wasting time, let us come back to point quickly.

So I was talking about writing. What should I write?

We writers are a moving train of thoughts in our mind but still somehow, on some days we fail to write. I don’t know if I am the odd one out amongst others who suffers from writing block or not, but it happens with me. Just the way I get mood swings, I think my mind also get mind swings sometimes and it decides to get jammed for some days and order me not to disturb him, as he is not ready to work. Forget about writing something good. Huh…

Today also, I am facing the same issue, but you know what, I am a person who does not handle tantrums and today I am in no mood to handle the tantrums of my mind and so I decide to write something.

I know this post is not making any sense but still I am writing this, I don’t know why???


What an attitude I have.

Damn, I love this attitude of mine.

“Fokat ka attitude”. 

This is actually not attitude, but I guess this is called SWAG, what these day’s guys and girls say.

Ohh, don’t forget that I am an old school girl. I am not much into the modern trends. I set my own trends. I refuse to follow the rat race. I believe in doing what my heart says and what brings peace to my heart and soul.

Yes man, I am different. I am weird. I am stupid at times too. However, this is ME. 

Well, enough for today. See, through this post, I am successful in writing one post although I agree that it did not made any sense and I don’t know why people will read this. Will they even have a look?  😛 😛

However, by writing this, I won the battle from my mind that was not ready to give a command to write a single word and I wrote this whole length bakwaas.

Let’s end this here. Nevertheless, don’t forget that today is Thursday and I have a holiday. yay yay….  😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

I am going o sleep now. I have my office tomorrow.

Thank you for bearing my stupidity and me.

Mission accomplished. 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

Love you all,

Keep reading.


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